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Tuesday, 11 June 2019


I feel a strong leading to share my wooing experience with a girl I met at the mall with you. It's okay, you can shoot me after reading with your face squeezed like lemon looking at me like uuuuuuuu...

So, I met this pretty cutie at the mall sometime ago. Not like I met her though, I sighted her shopping from across the mall where I was standing and I was completely blown away by her cuteness.  One thing that attracted me to her was the hair she had on, it was so fine and perfect that it fit every department of her fine face. So, I decided to brush off my old wooing tricks from the bag and try my luck on her.

Truth be told, approaching a lady you have never met with wooing intentions is one of the most difficult task ever. I don't know how my brothers manage to pull this off. Standing there I was rehearsing 99 lines to myself;
-hello, my name is Allison, you look frequent.
- hi, I'm Allison, you look eloquent, can I meet you?
- Hi dear, are you resident in this vicinity? (Which vicinity? Uncle you're in a shopping mall)

At some point when the secular lines were not flowing well I thought about going spiritual. Like;
- Hello,  you look like a Jonah, can I be your ship?
- Hello two fishes, can I be your 5loaves so together we can feed the multitude?
- Hi Isrealite, do you care for manna?

Arrhhh, they was no line I didn't rehearse and thought through,  believe me I have lost my wooing touch, been years since I had to use it. Okay finally I settled for a good line, pumped up my chest and made a move, but not towards her, I was just moving around the mall with my pumped chest waiting for a good opportunity to talk to her, this kind of aunty if you don't have courage and prestige you cannot go over and say anything.

It took me a while though, it cost me buying stuff I didnt need cos it was becoming embarrassing walking around buying nothing, but I did. And the moment the boldness came from above, I walked over to her and said, "Hi, my name is Allison." FULLSTOP.

Just like you are doing now, she also thought I was making a move on her, but I didn't wait for her reply, with a smile I said "I love the hair you're carrying, please what's it called, I would love to ask my fiancee if she can try it too, I know it'll look great on her."

Hmmmm, Said. And I waited, for a bashing, a long hissssss, or a long walk of shame.

But she was nice, maybe seeing that I wasn't coming to bug her with "can I have your number?" , she said "oh thank you , the hair is called gel waves with crochet" (not sure I got it right, but it sounded something like that)

I simply said thank you, and disappeared very fast!

On my way I googled it. Found some more prettier styles of that crochet something, took snapshots, and sent it to aunty Choco to add to her inspiration for the next hair.

I won't deny this guys, men are visuals, and I was somewhat attracted to what I saw because I fell in love with her hair. But what I did in that moment, was to turn my attraction into power. I learnt this from Pastor #StevenFurtick, he calls it pressure points. And I use it all the time.

It is posible to turn your weakness into your strengths. It is posible to turn your pressure into power. Rather than feed on my attraction and ask that lady out for real, messing myself up in the proceess, I used the very thing that attracted me, and turned it into power to feed my strength. Most times when a man cheats, he cheats because of something he saw, we are visuals, he saw something and it stuck with him, he saw something and got attracted to it,  but the power thereof, is taking that same thing that is attracting you to another woman and feed it on the woman you have, that way you keep the same attraction, but on the same woman.

Dear uncle,
If its that dress that is attracting you to your secretary, rather than asking her out,  ask her where she got the dress from and go buy it for your wife.
If it is the fancy shoes you see on other ladies, Google Aliexpress and order nicer ones for your woman.
Take a photo of that killer hairstyle and support your woman to make it.

 Trust me, if you want to win this, you must have to learn how to starve your attraction by feeding your focus.

By Allison Hyancintho

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