1. Spirit gate

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The technique

  1. Feel for the small, hollow space under your palm on your pinky side.
  2. Gently apply pressure in a circular or up-and-down movement for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Press down the left side of the point (palm facing) with gentle pressure for a few seconds, and then hold the right side (back-of-hand facing).
  4. Repeat on the same area of your other wrist.
2. Inner frontier gate

The technique

  1. On one palm facing up, count three finger-widths down from your wrist crease.
  2. With your thumb, apply a steady downward pressure between the two tendons.
  3. You can massage in circular or up-and-down motion until you feel your muscles relax.
3. Wind pool

The technique

  1. Interlock your fingers together (fingers out and palms touching) and open up your palms to create a cup shape with your hands.
  2. Position your thumbs at the base of your skull, with thumbs touching where your neck and head connect.
  3. Apply a deep and firm pressure, using circular or up-and-down movements to massage this area.
  4. Breathe deeply and pay attention to how your body relaxes as you exhale.

If you’ve tried these methods and are still finding yourself unable to fall asleep in two minutes or less, see if there are other tips you can take to make your bedroom a more sleep-friendly place.

Have you tried…

  • hiding your clock
  • taking a warm shower before bed
  • opening the window to keep your room cool
  • wearing socks
  • gentle 15-min yoga routine
  • placing your phone far away from your bed
  • aromatherapy (lavender, chamomile, or clary sage)
  • eating earlier to avoid stomach digestion or stimulation before bed
If you find the atmosphere in your room to be damaging to your sleep, there are tools you can use to block out the noise. Literally.
Try investing in blackout curtainswhite noise machines (or listening to music with an auto-stop timer), and ear plugs.
On the other hand, sleep hygiene, or clean sleep, is real and effective.
Before you truly take on the military method or 4-7-8 breathing, see what you can optimize to your bedroom for soundless slumber.

Written by Christal Yuen