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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Let's Also Have Food And Nutrition Democracy – Agriculturist

As Nigeria deepens democracy, agriculture expert has called on governments to train more farmers to produce improved, nutritious foods for local consumption and export.

The expert made the call in an interview with newsmen in Ibadan on Wednesday. The Country Manager of Harvestplus Nigeria, Dr Paul Ilona, said the country should see democratic development in terms of people’s improved  contributions to economic development. He said that democracy should be redefined to not only apply to politics but also to other aspects of life, including food and nutrition aspects of agriculture. According to Ilona, malnutrition must be tackled urgently in the country because individuals will not be able to add value to the development of the country when malnourished. “We need to start looking at dynamics of democracy – food and nutrition democracy. In Nigeria for instance, there is no choice of food as people eat what they find, not what they need. “The primary area of agriculture should be food and nutrition because you are what you eat; there are problems everywhere in the country because of poor nutrition; the more malnourished we are, the more crises we face. “We should begin to look at ways where an average Nigerian is able to afford, find and consume the right food to help him/her grow to full capacity, thereby improving the economy and reducing disability rate. “We should begin to look at democracy in line with development, not majorly on politics; we dwell too much on politics, and that is  why we are not developing. “If the incoming governments consider all these and get them right, we will surely change and improve the economy,” he said.

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