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Saturday, 23 March 2019


Jose Mourinho says he is targeting a return to club management and wants to secure a position by the summer.
The 56-year-old has been out of management since being sacked by Manchester United in December 2018.
He says he has turned down up to four different job offers during that period as he wants a new position with a specific set of circumstances.
"What I have in mind is that I would like to be back in the summer, in June, for a new club, for a new pre-season," he told BeIN SPORTS.
"I know exactly what I don't want. That's the reason why I had to say already to three or four different offers. I had to say no.
"And I know what I want, in terms of not a specific club but the nature of the job, the dimension of the job, I know what I want."
The Portuguese says he enjoying his break from the day-to-day rigours of club management but insists he will be more prepared than ever before when he returns to the dugout.
"I miss nothing at all, really." he said. "Because in this moment I am two and a half months without work and I am 'working', preparing myself further for the next one. It's not like I am on holiday.
"It's not like I'm bored with nothing to do. I'm preparing myself for the next one, and that is something that when you are working every day in football with six press conference per week, with three matches per week, with pre-match analysis, with post-match analysis, with all the problems you have day by day - sometimes you have no time to take care about yourself.
"Now I am having this month where I think I'm going to be back even better prepared."
The former Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid boss says he is unlikely to move into international football because he prefers the more frequent coaching interaction of the club game.

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