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Saturday, 29 September 2018


Dear Readers,  If you would like to successfully treat glaucoma, cataracts, near and far-sightedness, and other common causes of vision loss and blindness, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why… I’ve discovered a rare, 100% natural clinically proven herbal remedy that helps restores vision, improves eyesight, reverse glaucoma, cataract and have shown to repair and regenerate dying cells in the retina and macula. And the best part is, this herbal remedy will work for you whether you 7 years or 70 years old. I know this because; I was once battling with severe eye problems too.

It first started when I was in secondary school, I was diagnosed with having myopia (near-sightedness). After several visits to the optometrist, he recommended I started wearing glasses to correct my vision. But the big problem is that, after several months of wearing glasses, my vision became worse and most of the time I got blurred, dry itchy eyes without using glasses. 

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My eyes continued to get weaker and less effective by wearing corrective lenses, like glasses or contacts. 3 years later, my eye condition got worse, I got embarrassed and frustrated at my inability to read or see things properly. I was experiencing blurry vision, blind spots, specks that threatened my vision and was making me go blind. After several eye exams, I was diagnosed with glaucoma in my right eyes. I started using drugs, eye drops just so could I improve my eyesight but it didn’t work. That was when I understood something, the pharmaceutical companies and MLM industry is ripping off billions of naira from people who want to restore their eyesight. They do is by selling drugs, glasses and eye drops that take almost forever to work and improve your eyesight. So you keep spending money buying these things, because your eyesight depends on them almost forever. 

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Later on, I also consulted my eye doctor about eye surgery – like LASIK surgery. After much consideration, I figured out that it was very expensive and also 1 out of 20 people suffer complications from corrective surgery, which could lead to blindness. So, I decided to start searching for an alternative that treat the root cause of the problem, reverses glaucoma, treats age-related cataracts and helps anyone achieve 20/20 vision.
Here’s what happened that changed the entire situation for me: I came in contact with an old time friend, Uwem, he used to work in a particular eye clinic in Abuja . We have been friends since our NYSC days for over 7years till date. Although, it has been a long time we spoke because he relocated to Canada to continue his profession. We started talking as usual, and he asked me about my eye condition, if it has improved for better. I explained how I was already tired of looking for solution to the eye problem, and how I have spent lots of money on drugs, supplements, eye drops and glasses, desperately looking for solution but without any improvement, but unfortunately I was almost going blind instead! He explained that most people wearing eye glasses suffer from myopia (nearsightedness), glaucoma and cataract. He later explained that there is permanent cure for most of the eye problems, and natural remedy that helps treat and reverse glaucoma, cataract, myopia and other severe eye problems. Most of these cases he has handled in the eye specialist clinic he works with in canada, and his patients improved their eyesight, and they never had to wear glasses or go for expensive eye surgery again.
But sadly, the solution is very rare to find because its imported, specially for Eye clinics in the USA, UK, Canada and some developing African countries as well. That was when he introduced me to a special herbal tea that have been in existence for several years, that help cures severe eye problems, reverse cataract, glaucoma and myopia. At first, I was shocked and surprised. But he told me the exact plant extracts contained inside the herbal tea, and how they improves overall eyesight health and restores vision. I quickly pleaded with him to help me send a complete supply of the herbal tea. The next morning, I quickly sent the money to him. After about a week, the complete supply of the herbal tea was delivered to me. Immediately, I started it using it as prescribed (serving size of 1 tea bag in morning, and 1 tea bag in the evening). To my surprise, in less than 2 weeks of using it, it was almost like a miracle cure to my eyesight problem and it helped improve my vision. My eyes became crystal clear, my vision was never blurry again, and I started to feel that my glaucoma was gone.


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