Thursday, 23 August 2018


If you’ve ever lived in the type of house we call Face to Face in Nigeria then you would certainly be able to relate to this no matter how brief you stayed.
Those who have stayed in Face me I face you can relate
1- Those who have 1stclass in gossiping, they can gossip a ghost and the ghost wont be aware
2- The ones who are very poor but produce kids like wetin I no know
3- That single sister who is very accommodating, I mean she accommodates new guys every night..what a cheerful giver
4- That sister who will never give her hair breathing space, always tying scarf
5- The most superior womanizers, this set of people don’t have taste, from fair to dark, slender, fat, tall even dwarfs
6- That one man that is always challenging the landlord cos the house has only one toilet ,like he came to this world to poo
7- The very proud ones, just because they married wives with big bum they think they should automatically earn your respect
8- That very ugly man who surprisingly has a pretty wife,sometimes one would wonder like ‘how did he even say it, like how he take toast am’
9- The Profs– These ones have refused to marry, they do all chores themselves from sweeping to washing and fetching water. They can cook all type of soups- Oha, Ogbono, Okro…name it but they can be very stingy, I mean they can trace their missing 10naira back to a thousand kilometers.
10- The borrowers- They can borrow anything salt, broom, toothpaste, tie even your life if possible. They are the only set of people who can knock on your door in the middle of the night just to say ‘Abeg una get matches

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