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Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Dear Booless spirikoko aunties, 

To be honest, it is just so frustrating how some of you make the wooing process look soo complicated, we know that winning your heart is not suppose to be a walk in the park, but it is also not fair how you make the whole thing look like winning the world cup. To make things easier, there are a few things we single Christian guys would like for you to know when we come asking you out;

 #1...If you’re interested please make it obvious, at least a little bit. Don't expect us to magically know how you feel about us just like that, we are not mind readers. Give us clues to pickup if you are feeling a positive vibes, do not show that you're pushing us away and do not make it too obvious that you are interested either, a smart guy will know when you're standing in the middle. 😊😊

#2…And, like I said, we can't read your mind. So don't try to assume that we have the mind reading ability of Prophet Elijah. 

 #3... If you’re not interested don’t play games. Let us know you are already committed to someone else, or not ready yet to commit to a relationship. We don't like it when we are friend zoned with brother John, brother Okon, Papa James, bro bro bro.

#4... Be yourself, and celebrate your uniqueness. Don’t try to be something you’re not to please us, or win our affection. As believers we have already told God about you before coming forward with our feelings, so be natural when you're around us, we are already in love with who you are.

 #5...If we ask you out, do us the favor by actually responding. Even if it is a no – it might hurt, but then we would know that God's got a hand in it. Don't tell us you need 40 days to fast about our proposal, there is no harm in us been friends even while you wait to hear a word from God concerning me. 

#6...Don’t flaunt yourself. modesty is still attractive to a lot of us Christian guys. We can't hear what God is saying about you when you are dressed half naked.

 #7... Take the risk. Sometimes we are careful to ask you out on a date becasue we are not sure how you will take it since we are still trying to build the friendship, so take a the risk sometimes, suggest we do something together, like hanging out at a park or going to the movies, trust me, we will agree quickly, and we are ready to pay the bills 😀😀

 #8...flirt with us a little. Yea, yea, don't take that wrongly, by flirting with us we mean be interested in our conversations, laugh at our jokes no matter how boring, a little pat on the arm when we are kidding around is also a good sign that you are comfortable around us, that is how we know you like us too, and it encourages us to keep pushing. 

Kind regards,
Uncle Allison 
F: Association of Bae-less Christian Uncles

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