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Sunday, 10 June 2018


Dear bestie of life,

Before you consider asking me out I just want you to know that I love you, I cherish how free and easy we are together, but that is it, i love you just as a good friend, nothing more. 

I know that our closeness can easily be misterpreted to mean that I have feelings for you, and that can stir you up to want to try and make a move on me to start a relationship with you, but please, I beg you to resist whatever temptation our closeness might cause, please fight the urge for our sakes, they are not real, maybe for you, but over here I don't feel the same way.

We have a beautiful friendship that we cannot afford to loose by taking it a bit further into dating, I will hate more than anything to wake up one day and find that I can no longer call you, chat you up, play with you, feel free with you like we used to, because you asked me out and I turned it down. It will be sad to soil the friendship we have built over the years because one of us did not understand that God does not put everyone in our life for us to date, no matter how beautiful the friendship might be.

I don't see you the way you see me, I don't love you like that, our friendship is not enough to start a relationship, please, I don't want to loose you, or our friendship. I don't want to loose other friends too, mutual friends that are tied to our friendship, because when we go sour we will force our friends to choose between us, and they don't deserve that.

I could help you out you know 😊😊, hook you up with a good partner, because I know you too well, and it's safe to say that I might know someone who will be a good match for you. But unfortunately, that someone is not me. 

Please let us protect our Friendship by ignoring our emotions. If a relationship leading towards marriage is what God wants for us, He will find a way to put our puzzles together, even when we go ahead dating other people, right now it's not, i know because I don't see you that way. And if I have been ignorantly leading you on all the while, please let this note say all the things I am too shy to say to your face.

Friendship of life 

#confessionsofagoodman #allisonhyacintho
By Allison Hyacintho

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