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Monday, 14 May 2018


Many times we are busy asking, praying, fasting, seeding, sowing, tithing, and waiting on God to reveal if the person we want to marry is the right one for us or not, while God is just standing by the corner waiting for you to open your eyes to see that the person you're  fasting, seeding, tithing, sowing and weeding for has all the things that He has warned you about in His revealed word; the Bible.

Yet, we keep praying and praying and waiting on Him to repeat Himself over and over again.

Sometimes we just pray and pray and trouble God for marriage confirmation and He will be like "aunty, this guy is addicted to gambling and alcohol, can't you see that he is not even a good choice to be presented to me for approval? How do you expect me to approve the very things i have told you to run away from?"

We seed and tithe and give and give to force God's lips to open and God is like "uncle, can't you see that this girl fights her mother? How can you ignore her keeping malice with her father? How on earth can you be comfortable with the fact that she's not in talking terms with her siblings? Is this the kind of partner you're presenting to me to approved when I have already told you clearly in My revealed word to love one another and honour your father and mother and be at peace with other people? Uhhh? Isn't it funny how you come expecting me to approve someone who goes against my commandments? I'm sorry, but I cannot approve anything or anyone that does not carry the evidence of the fruits of my Spirit."

God does not stay silent to His children, and even when He is mad at us. Sometimes when He isn't speaking to us He is showing us. But because our attention is focused on hearing a YES or NO, we cannot see His finger pointing to the areas of our relationship that He wants us to see.

Many times God doesn't speak to us because we have not done our own part, you know they are not worthy unto you talk more of being worthy unto God, yet you present them to God with a hope of getting a confirmation.

Sorry guys, God won't speak until His own conditions are met. He won't speak until your terms aligns righteously with His.

So if you're praying and it looks like God is not answering, check take a moment to yourself, then check your partner.
Sort out his/her drug issues.
Sort out the alcohol and gambling addictions.
Sort out the sexual immorality in your relationship.

Look around and you will find God pointing you to the things He is expecting you to see. Do not wait on God to say something new when you haven't fulfilled all the things He has already revealed.

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By Allison Hyancintho

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