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Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Dear Spouse to be, 

The reason why the first marriage covenant in Eden did not end so well was not because Eve allowed herself to be swayed by the subtlness of the serpent. We cannot blame her for entertaining a conversation with the enemy, there was no way she could have known the guy was evil, because evil did not exist in Eden. 

She could not tell the difference between good and bad comminication either, because she did not know what bad was. She didn't hesitate to take a bite out that fruit because in her eyes everything that God put in Eden is good and perfect. So what's the worse that could happen talking to this good guy, and taking his good advice?.


Imagine if Eve found Adam before taking that bite? Imagine if she shared that good advice with her husband and asked for his opinion first before trusting the counsel of the serpent? 

Adam would have reminded her of God's standing instructions concerning the tree in the middle of the garden. Her husband would have warned her to be weary of the serpent and his counsel. Both would have come before God to ask Him if it was true that eating out of that tree will make them as wise as Him, just like the serpent assured. God would have calmed their storm, and encouraged them to keep holding on to His word faithfully until the time is right.

Dear spouse of my youth,
Please always communicate with me, please. Talk to me before you take that decision. Talk to me about that project before you talk to the guy at the insurance. Talk to me about that loan before you walk into that account office. 

Always talk to me, talk to me about the car you are saving to buy before you talk to the dealership. Talk to me about the trouble at your job before taking a decision. Talk to me about our inlaws, talk to me about the kids, come to me about that anger before deciding not to make me dinner. Talk to me about that offence before deciding to sleep in a separate room,  point out to me where i went wrong before deciding to starve me with sex as a revenge. Talk to me about that temptation, always talk to me first.

I am writing this as a reminder to me too, I will never try to think that I can do it on my own, I will always talk to you about it. We will never loose a battle if we always talk to each other and seek our own counsel first. And if there is anything we cannot handle together, happy are we who have the HolySpirit.
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By Allison Hyacintho

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