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Wednesday, 16 May 2018


This life is governed by rules, principles, concepts and methods on how things work and how results are obtained. These rules span through and permeate every area of our lives including family, relationships, personal success, financial success, business, career, leadership, health, religion, even politics.
Many of us due to our earliest exposures, influencers, nature, nurture, current association and media content we prefer to consume, our minds are set and patterned to think of certain things in certain ways and believe them as the way.
In life, the most powerful reason for any belief or conviction is proof. Once anyone can show proof that something works, a process works, a method works, a procedure works and a behavior works, we’re inclined to embrace same.


What many of us hardly look out for however, is false proof. Someone may have proof or results, but the result displayed may not be connected to what they really did or their recommendations to you. People deceive people a lot, especially if they do not want you to discover their real secrets or have their kind of results.
Many people today have money, possessions, position, influence, power and fame. When you ask them how they made it, they’ll tell you it’s by hard work and prayers; they’ll tell you “na God”. For most, it’s not the truth. For many, God is not even involved at all.
Unfortunately, we get so carried away by their so called “proof” and achievements, we sometimes suspend common sense and logic.
Even things that are absolutely ridiculous, we choose to believe as possible, simply because we are desperate for similar results.
My dear friend, I do not know what you’re after and what you’ve been chasing for so long, I do not know who’s evidence or proof is driving your approach or methods, the big question this morning is, is their recommendation working?
For how long have you been applying the so called success principles of someone you believe has proof? For how long have you been doing what they told you and making the recommended sacrifices, yet have nothing to show?
   For how long have you been following certain teachings and life prescriptions and things in fact appear to be getting worse?
If you have an ailment for example and a doctor recommends a particular medication, if after a week or more there is no improvement and the sickness appears to be worsening, logic is to discontinue this medication and seek a better doctor or superior medication.
How come we rarely apply this in other areas of our lives? Perhaps you’re following someone you believe has proof and is telling the truth about his methods, and these same principles you’ve applied for many years and things are actually getting worse, why allow such persons keep you down and entrapped with false hope that what failed last year will work in a new year? What has been failing for 5 to 10 years suddenly will work because it’s a new year? Really? And you believe? A sure formula my friend, does not require repeated trails to deliver results, if it does, it’s apparently a fluke; it’s not reliable!
My dear friend, would you again this year, hold on to a recommended method that has failed year in year out? Are you holding on to this failing method because it’s what you want to believe or it’s what truly works? If it has failed for many years why do you think it’ll be different this year?  For example, why build and plan your life, year in year out on luck, hope and on religious watch word that has never really worked for you, Your year of this, your year of that, when will you apply yourself and decide to follow the real methods for true wealth creation and success instead of only prayer, fasting, faith and confessions ignoring hard work, creativity, diligence, commercial prowess and relevant knowledge?
What’s the true source of wealth of that religious mentor? Does he run a proper business? If he does, what’s the true source of his startup capital and regular funding? Banks or free regular contributions and donations by members? Perhaps its time to wise up.
A young boy, in his twenties, from a humble background suddenly buys a 50 million naira car, builds a multimillion dollar mansion and tells you it’s profit from CD sales and live shows, Really? How come very fantastic music artiste who’s been on the scene for 20 to 30 or even 40 years can’t afford the same?  Their songs aren’t dope enough? Pirates are after them only or they aren’t getting enough shows? And you, perhaps carried away by the car, bling, designer wears and houses, have abandoned your purpose, vision, education, great prospect and great possibilities – spending untold hours in a recording studio without talent because you too want to blow quickly? My dear friend, be careful what you believe, not all proofs are authentic; there are secrets you may never know.
So she suddenly becomes an actress in Nollywood and today drives a 40 million Naira SUV, wears the most expensive designer outfits, and travels all around the world first class. And every day you’re depressed and frustrated about your own life as you follow and look her up frequently on instagram and snapchat. You want to be like her, you want SUV, designer wears and first class flights too; there must be a lot of money in acting, you tell yourself, really?
Have you considered the financial level of many veteran actors who’s graced our screens for many decades? Have you considered the lives of older female actors in the industry? Have you checked out the male counterparts of these rich younger female actors in the industry, where are their 40 million SUVs, mansions and first class travels? Or they no sabi act? May sense fall on you this year!   Perhaps you should un-follow such people on social media before you derail your own great destiny.
Dear friend, it is not wise to get carried away by results without checking the authenticity of process. If anyone tells you how they made it and you see obvious gaps in their stories either as religious leaders, corporate leaders, political leaders, public figures, celebrities or even a professional colleague or friend, if their stories don’t add up, please don’t believe or apply their methods out of desperation to blow, you’ll become frustrated wasting your time and life on a process that will never work. In fact you may even land in trouble and great regrets. Many have been fooled this way and have missed it in life big time.
My dear friend, in this New Year, see yourself free from dodgy and fake mentors, so called leaders and influencers. Check their process and ensure their stories add up.
Perhaps it’s even wiser to discover your own methods, and formula for your own success through intense study, creativity, idea generation, hard work, diligence, profitable collaborations and focus. Don’t again, this year be misled by users, liars, fake people and extortionists.
Decide right now to take responsibility for your own methods and success formula and plans. Open your mind, open your inner eyes and see your own vision clearly, be committed to your dreams not people. Find supporters not idols, find helpers not users, find investors not exploiters, may truth and intelligence fall on you this morning.
Find following four tips to get your life and destiny back on track if you please.
  1. Go back to your original dreams and passion. What do you want to really do? What are you passionate about that is commercially viable? Go back and master it.
  2. This is the time to reorganize your life around your dreams and passion. Stop wasting your hours following and reading fake stories about people leading you nowhere. Control your time and organize your life around what you want to get or become.
  3. You need a mindset reset. Stop seeing everything from the perspective of cash. If you don’t stop, you’ll become a slave in life. Readjust your thinking to birthing solutions and great products, when you do, people will pay and reward you and money will come.
  4. It’s time to let go of people, associations, media contents that can derail you and make you give up on your genuine dreams and authentic methods for success in life. Activate a laser sharp focus on your own dreams.
My dear friend, you carry your own glory, so much greatness is on the inside of you. Greatness is from the inside out, it’s time to focus on what you’re destined to manifest, the whole creation is still waiting for you to manifest, make sure it happens this year.
By Muyiwa Afolabi

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