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Sunday, 20 May 2018


Dear wife to be,

Some time ago I told God that i am not going to get married until i buy my own car, or at least grow to that level where I can give you a good and comfortable life. 

It is not like i am placing worldly things over the amazing gift of marriage, or like i'm making up more excuses to stay single. The truth is that i just can't stand the sight of you jumping buses to work every morning, walking under the hot heat, or getting stranded in the rain with our child. You cannot go through stress in your father's house and still come and continue again in my home. Godforbide! 

i want our marriage to elevate you. I want our marriage to reflect the good thing we have found in each other. I don't want the car for me, it's for you. I am not buying that house for me, its for you. You're the reason why I'm working twice as hard everyday. You are the reason why i am busting my engines day and night making sure that I do all I can to create for you the life that God wants for you to enjoy.

I know you carry the favour that comes with finding you. I know you are the help that God has provided to be meet for me, but I also understand that even a help meet needs all the help she can get to function perfectly in her assignment. I want to make it easier for you to be the help that God has designed for you to be. I want to make it easier for you to meet the needs inside me. I want to first be the help that you need to meet the needs that I need.

This does not mean that I am waiting until I have it all together. This does not mean that I am unwilling to trust the Lord and take a leap of faith even when the process is not yielding the results that we need, I am working very hard to have a good seed that the Lord can bless.

Please hold on a little bit longer. This is not a delay, it is a process. So keep praying on our seed, keep praying on our results. This is letting you know that everything is working together for your good. And knowing that you are my savor keeps me reaching for more each day.

Yours in pledge

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