Thursday, 26 April 2018


Miracle Igbokwe, Winner Big Brother Naija 2018, receiving his cheque.

Allegedly 170 million votes and over N5.1 billion in revenue after, what seemed to be 3 months of intrigue, suspense and controversy for most, but a serious money making venture for a few, has come to an end. Unbelievable figures it may seem –over N5.1billion?? How possible? Just from N30 per SMS?
I am here to tell you that these figures are likely to be true, if not almost double. Let’s also remember that these figures may not include online votes which many assume is free, forgetting that data is paid for and still translates into revenue for Telcos.

3 straight months and millions of N30 SMS messages after, the VAS market in Nigeria still remains the largest in Africa and all things being equal, the potential is far reaching and remains largely profitable as the developing world obtains more cell phones and technology becomes more advanced.
The VAS market players surely cannot wait for the next Big Brother edition! I’m sure you can’t wait to vote too!
What do you think guys,  is this not a scam? 

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