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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


One amazing quality I admire so much about women is their ADAPTABILITY. 

A good woman can adapt with a man in any condition possible if she's in love with him. I wish I can say the same thing about men. 

A woman in love will agree to marry a ritual killer, and even volunteer to help in cleaning the blood when he kills people. 

A woman in love will give her heart to an armed robber, and volunteer herself to be counting the money after the robbery operations, because to her she can adapt and also become an armed robber, all for the man she loves. Such a powerful adaptive quality.

It is an innate ability God has given to women, that is why a woman can agree to be wife number three, because she has the ability to blend into any situation she finds herself. 

Those are just some negative instances of the adaptive quality in a woman.

Now Imagine the positive ones.

Imagine a woman's ability to stay with her man even with all his attitude and inconsistencies.

 A woman in love will stay faithful to her man in times of lack, and in times of plenty. 

A woman will stay with her man when he goes from six packs to a pot belly.

She will stay with him when he looses his job and turns to alcohol.

She will stay with him when he goes from having an Afro to bald.

She'll stay with him when he goes from Spirit filled to lukewarm. 

Even when she knows he's cheating on her she'll still stay trying to find a way to work it out, because she has the ability to contain anything posible and still be alright.

My respect to all the good women out there who are using their adaptive quality to build themselves, and the good man in their life. 

You're amazing!

#confessionsofagoodman #allisonhyacintho
By Allison  Hyacintho 

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