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Monday, 9 April 2018


If you sincerely search your heart you'd see that you have a good Woman in your life, but you will never experience the true power of her love because your inconsistencies prevents her from being able to fully love you the way she wants to. 

One day you're sincere and honest with her, and the next day you are telling one lie and defending it with several other lies.

One moment you're available and caring, and the next moment you disappear without a phone call or a text for days.

At sunrise you make her Feel she can trust you completely, but at sunset you're giving her a million reasons to doubt.

Sometimes it feels like she's known you all her life, but the next minute she's wondering if you're the same person she fell in love with...

You're just so inconsistent, and your inconsistencies are limiting the power of her love.

There so many things she wants to do for you... And with you... But She doesn't know how to love you anymore because every time she tries to love you you go and mess things up again.

One of the best gifts you can give to a woman is your commitment and consistency.

Oh hey dear aunty, If you're with an inconsistent partner it is because you accommodate his inconsistencies. That brother will never be the man you want him to be if he knows he can go mess up, hurt your feelings and come running  back to your patiently waiting arms. 

...and this is not just talking to the men alone, it is also about you aunties.

#confessionsofagoodman #allisonhyacintho
By Allison Hyacintho 

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