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Monday, 23 April 2018


Some women believe if they marry a man they can control their marriage will be okay, great, perfect.

No aunty.

Marrying a man you can control is not a solution to a happy marriage, naa, rather, marry a man God can control, a man subject to God's authority over him, because guess what? If you marry a man you can control then other women can control him too, that's just a black and white truth, he's a mugu man. You will be controlling him at home, his secretary will be controlling him in the office, and one beautiful waitress with a big buttocks will be controlling him at the bar.

Marry a man God can control, a man who fears the Lord, I'm not talking about fear out of phobia, I'm not talking about fear out of punishment if he errs, I am talking about fear out of respect for his Lord and King, a respect that carries love and faithfulness. If he is faithful with God he will be faithful with you, and guess what sweet woman, if God can control him does it not also mean that you can control him too? Hahaha, that's our secret dear, if he bows to God alone he will bow to you alone, you know why? Because you are the Apple of HIS eye, and loving the Lord means that he has to love everything else that matters to Him, INCLUDING YOU!

Controlling a man is like holding a TV remote, you are only powerful as long as he is in your hands, as soon as another woman grabs the remote she will change the channel any how she wants to, all to her own favour. But when the Lord has his remote, ohh lazobredosha, He will change his channel to suit you, with you in mind, all for your own good,  entredisha enkeke lakateeee! And if this happens it means that at the end of the day you are still the one controlling him, even though the remote is not in your hands.

Just scream if anybody caught this.

There is no better man to marry than a God-controlled man!

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By AllisAl Hyacintho

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