Friday, 16 February 2018


Tra'Van is a Creative Director/Photographer based in Louisiana, USA. As he grew up drawing and creating fine arts his interest in graphics designs and photography started to grow. In high school Tra'Van got the top art scholarship at Northwestern State University and from there he knew what he wanted to do in life: Photography and designing.

For 6 years Tra'Van has been professionally shooting, designing and he started his own company: Tee Roo Photo and Designs. He has been shooting for events for Grammy nominated artist Jerimih, Grammny nominated songwriter/producer Partynextdoor, and did photography for Willie Jone III, Boris Kodjoe and many more. Also he worked with influencers with huge following on social media, such as Nita Chantelle and Haley Rudolph. Just to name a few.

For the next three years Tra'Van planned to expand his company and keeping his portfolio up to date by working with only a selective group of models from around the world. For this year LA and Dallas are on his agenda, but this year you will also find him in New York as this will be the first year Tra'Van will be one of the photographers at the New York Fashion Week!

 Make sure to check him out.

See more samples of his work below:

Ashley Aaron

Alyssa Bryant

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