Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Kenneth Chucks  an award winning Concert and Fashion photographer, part time Actor,Cinematographer  based in Imo Nigeria. Through his lens, He shows Nigeria and Africa in its true beauty,
His work has featured in many popular magazines.

“I create digital contents for people with my photography,” He tells Us.

Haven studied Civil Engineering in FPN , He had worked with other African photographers,Media houses before starting up full time.
I spent a year learning photography and Musical directing. I taught myself by reading e-books and watching countless YouTube tutorials.
Earlier in my career, especially when I was learning, I was inspired by the work of other master photographers around the world. Now, not so much. I have my own style, I have the skills and I have goals, so I just do my things.
“I’ve always been interested in Africa Entertainment” says Kenneth Chucks.

Kenneth Chucks look is undoubtedly his amazingly Handsome looking face,

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On instagram,Facebook as@hyper_photographe channel HyperTv” he says and his plans for the future is for his work to grow beyond his current space.

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