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Thursday, 26 October 2017

My boyfriend tells other people that he’s single… It’s been 3yrs in this relationship.. what do I do?


I’m feeling insecure.. N I’ve talked to him about it.. he just keeps telling me that I’m thinking too much.. N ends the conversation making me feel like a fool.. Whenever we are having a conversation.. He finds ways to talk about other girls that’s he’s friends with.. N when il ask if he’s told his female friends about his relationship with me… His answer would be like.. “yeah i guess” or “maybe i don’t remember”.. What do i do at this point?

I never get a straight answer out of him.. In the past I’ve caught him telling other girls that he’s single n that’s when I started doubting everything in this relationship.. He tells me that he loves me but his actions speak something else… yesterday we were having a conversation n he told me that one of the girl that he’s friends with gave him a very cute nick name.. I said.. cool.. Then he asked me to call him with that nickname too… I mean… 3yrs of this relationship n he wants me to call him with a name some other girl gave him.. I’m totally frustrated at this point.. What do i do? 

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