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Thursday, 5 October 2017

“Grown Men Acting Childish. F** Off” — Comedian Koffi Blasts Psquare In Epic Video

Comedian Koffi is not happy, or rather pissed at the fact that PSquare are bringing their family drama to social media, for this, he’s gone all berserk to the twins.
In a recent chat with HipTV, the comedian was asked to make a comment about the ongoing drama between the brothers, and he went complete bozo, dragging the brothers and their feud, tagging it as childish.
“Sorry, I don’t give a f** about P-Square and whatever, I don’t care! I have my own issues. I have my….take your family issues into your family and deal with. I don’t give a f**!” He said, adding, “Grown men acting childish all over social media. F** off, men!”
The comedian successfully said what many frustrated fans have been thinking, fans who are subjected to the brothers’ annual family drama, because folks are up on social media, applauding him for dealing the brothers a huge blow.
Watch the video (Please note: he uses ‘frog’ in place of ‘F.uck’, because it is inappropriate to use the vulgar term on live TV):

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