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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Diary Of An Upcoming Artist (Episode 3) – Very Interesting!!

We are back again with a new episode of “Diary of an Upcoming Artist”  We can feel the excitement on your face 
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Am not just going to let life toss me around and do me anyhow, I can’t come to this world, discover my god-given talent, start pursuing it seriously and then all of a sudden back off because my family wont support me. Never!!
For all the sacrifices I have made, for all the people who have and still believe in me, for all who have contributed and showed me love in one way or the other, I will never let go. No way!
You see music is my hustle, my love, my dream, my life, my passion, my soul, my sickness, my medicine and the simple fact that I will someday blow and be celebrated is not negotiable. If there is anything trying to become between me and music I am ready to fix it and continue my music. Hmmm….. see para!
Where did all that ginger come from? omo don’t mind me o, I am just ranting, I have no single plan, no idea left. Infact, the sight of my father this days is the definition of humility and fear. Come to think of it, if I was somewhere in the united states, I would have just taken my guitar to a popular spot and be playing it there daily probably Jayz or Drake would have noticed me, but for this Naija if you like bring a live band to the front of a superstar’s house, he will even use you to trend better that day.
It’s my last week and I still have nothing, infact when I knew the seriousness of the situation was when my elder brother called to inform me that he was coming home that weekend.
‘’Moyosore daddy called me this morning he said he wants to see me and it’s about you what is the problem I hope you have not done anything’’
Shit just got real, that moment in my head I was like ‘’abeg I need a plot of land to faint on,’’ so the whole family would sit like National house of assembly on top my matter. Chai dance never start I don tire.
Every day I feel like ‘’One Record Label should come and sign me na’’. Ehnn……… That is one gist I have been avoiding, we both know that aside the real, original, pure and genuine entertainment outfits and record companies in this country which you and I know of that do the right thing there are so many other record “whatever’’ with their funny mode of operation 
I wonder how one person will just sign twenty innocent hustling upcoming artists like he is arranging a football team, as if that one is not enough he will make them record an all star song, twenty people on one track! To even make matters worse, the label chairman might even be collecting money from them sef to push their songs. These categories of record label are specialists in organizing beer parlour shows for their artists 
There is this type of record label that will only work with you if you have money. If you think that is worst, how about where one chairman will sign an artist and then travel to Malaysia and the artist only get to work when the boss comes back to the country around December, January the following year the boss will go back to his base and the artist will have to wait for a whole year till another December.
I remember a colleague that signed a record deal and till today I still wonder if it’s a record label or prison label, those type of deals that come with so many restrictions like one oracle chief priest giving out rules, they will give rules even to who and when the artist should greet people, even down to dressing.
“Don’t wear polo on Wednesday” “You can’t wear blue denim on Sunday” they will give rules like they signed person with 30 billion. Then I know the ones that will just use mouth to sign you and make sure you never lack alcohol, this category of record label will package you for enough free shows, even if the organizers decide to pay you won’t get a dime. How about those sharp guys that will just form a record label in their bedroom, sign themselves and be intimidating other upcoming artist that they have been signed to a record label- I no wan laugh abeg 
You see if you can’t arrange studio sessions for your artist, where he will record his song? You promote the song, shoot a quality video, promote it the right way, keep him trending on social media, get him quality events, package and brand him for concerts, tours and endorsements not forgetting provision of shelter, mobility and shelter-my friend if you can’t do all this for your artist, as a record label am sorry but you are running a “RECORD NOTHING’’
LOL, all that para and am still nowhere- yeye dey smell, at this poin,  I will follow any record label as far as it will do the magic. But before I get crucified by my family let me share some vital facts I think every upcoming artist should know…………

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