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Friday, 29 September 2017

Here’s Why This Guy Won’t Date Typical Nigerian Ladies.

“Most Of You Are Taught That It’s Not Okay To Support Your Partner Financially” – Here’s Why This Guy Won’t Date Typical Nigerian Ladies.
According to him, most of these girls have been taught that it’s not okay to help their partners financially. He wrote:
“The reason I would not date a typical Nigerian girl, it is because most of y’all been taught that it Is okay not to support your partner at all, all you are there for is to give him sex and cook for him..then he provides everything and you don’t do nothing.
He says a relationship is supposed to have the financial, emotional and psychological support from both parties.
If you’re in a relationship with someone it is supposed to be like a partnership where y’all support yourselves financially emotionally and psychologically, but no you just want him to pay for every thing ..when it is valentine you don’t buy nothing for him but you except heaven and earth.
He also says men like to be spoiled too and not just the ladies…
We do appreciate gift too, we like to be treated to a dinner date, we like ice cream too, everyone wants rich man but would not help any get rich. Am not saying spend all your money on a man but the thoughts count.”

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