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Sunday, 27 August 2017

This Baby Is Too Big For A New Born – Fans Come For Patoranking

Last week singer Patoranking made news when he shared a photo of himself and a pregnant lady with a caption suggesting he is set to become a father.
The singer has however come under massive fire after he shared a photo of himself holding a baby with the lady in the former picture looking on as he cradled the child.
Many began sending in congratulatory message but a few had one or two things to say about the photo with most alluding the picture if from a music video shoot.
Read some of the comments below:
Creamyamara – Dis baby is too big to be a new born.i feel Dis is a music video.whayasay”
Official_nu_el – But wait oh.. This not a new born baby nah.. �”
Mimi_umeh – That is not a newborn baby. He/she is at least a month old. Plus there’s an IV bag but no IV line. I think this is a music video and you’re just stringing ppl along”
Sinphia_phrancis – That’s a very big newborn… I’m sure there is a story behind this.
What do you guys think though?”
What do you all think ?
Pls drop ur comment. 

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