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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

June 25, 2019

[Download Audio] Nadi K Ft. Fuzee & LOPO – Wait

After the released of NOKNOW which was a hit, the Zero Ndia crooner aka NADI K decided to do something  different by dropping another hit banger tilte “WAIT” he featured FUZEE and LOPO on this one .
WAIT is a song u must dance irrespective of your mood. Enjoy

Watch picture video

Listen & Download below:
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What do you think about this song?

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Sunday, 23 June 2019

June 23, 2019

I'm Ashamed Tonto Dikeh Is Associating With Bobrisky – Actor, Kingsley Abasili

Nollywood actor, Kingsley Abasili recently took a swipe at screen diva, Tonto Dikeh, for associating herself with popular crossdresser, Bobrisky.
In a video he shared on his Instagram page, Kingsley said it is a shame Bobrisky was allowed to feature in a recent Nollywood movie and expressed his joy that a panel has been set up to look into the said movie. He added that he is ashamed that someone like Tonto can be friends with Bobrisky who he said is promoting homosexuality among Nigerian youths.

“It is a good thing that a panel has been set up to look into a movie that was acted by one Bobrisky and I am looking for that movie being banned and in fact Bobrisky himself being banned from the Nollywood industry. It’s a shame on the industry for someone to come into the movies and promote homosexuality. It’s a big shame and such a thing is not supposed to exist in the Nollywood industry. I am so ashamed that a person of the calibre of Tonto Dikeh is associating herself with someone who is not man enough to be a man and at the same time not woman enough to be a woman,” he said.
The duo has been known to defend each other on several occasions on social media and they don’t hide their friendship from fans and foes.

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June 23, 2019

I'm Planning To Help Many Inmates – Naira Marley

Embattled singer and rapper, Naira Marley who was recently released on bail from jail on Friday, June 14th 2019 have shared a bit of his sad experience, vowing to help some prisoners regain their freedom.
The ‘Issa Goal’ singer, who started engaging his fans on social media soon after his release revealed via his Instastory that there are people who could be innocent of the charges levelled against them that are languishing in prison due to the poor judicial system in Nigeria. He added that the prisons also seem to be a place where rich Nigerians send people that offends them.

“I have to help a lot of people in jail. I met one guy who has been in jail for 9 years but has never been to court, I mean they haven’t even found him guilty yet. What if he is not even guilty? I met another person who has been in jail for over two years because he is in a relationship with one rich woman’s daughter and the woman locked him up for not leaving her daughter. I can’t change Nigeria but together we can,” he said.

June 23, 2019

[Video] Do Something – Emix

ARK Records duo, Emix  shares the official music video for their recently released single titled “Do something ”.

The identical twin after serving us with their fresh single dishes out the video to compliment the new release they tagged “Do something ”pro by popito.

The video was directed by J brown gh.

Watch and Enjoy the visuals below:

What do you think about this video? 

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June 23, 2019

SHOCKING: Air Peace jet skids off runway and ends up in the bush

There was a mild drama earlier this afternoon at the Port Harcourt International Airport when anAir Peace flight from Abuja skidded off the runway and ended up in the bush.
According to eyewitnesses, no harm came to anyone onboard the plane as all the passengers and crew were eventually evacuated.
Clips from the incident showed visibly shaken passengers alighting from the plane and walking to the bus that eventually conveyed them to the arrival area.
The Details: At this point, it is unclear what actually caused the aircraft to end up some 200 meters in the bush away from the runway.Nairametrics reached out to our sources in the company who confirmed that the minor accident did occur. However, they could not categorically state what really happened; pending an official investigation.
In the meantime, preliminary reports have speculated that bad weather and the poor condition of the runway are some of the likely factors that might have caused the accident. There was a heavy downpour in Port Harcourt earlier today.
Earlier Developments: Apparently, this is not the only minor accident the Nigerian airline has been involved in recently. As Nairametrics earlier reported, Air Peace was recently accused by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) of intentionally concealing information about some of the air mishaps its jets have been involved in. The IAB listed some of the recent incidents involving the airline thus-
  • An accident involving Air Peace Boeing 737-300 aircraft with Registration Marks 5N-BUK.
  • An incident on the runway 18R at the Lagos Airport in May.
  • There was also another incident in December when a Boeing 737-300 belonging to the airline experienced some difficulties while en route the Akanu Ibiam International Airport from Lagos
  • scene of the incident
While the Accident Investigation Bureau claimed that none of these incidents was properly investigated because of the airline’s lack of co-operation, Air Peace issued a press statement describing the AIB’s utterances as a “witch hunt”.
June 23, 2019

[Music + Video] Joe Praize – Powerful Jesus

JOE PRAIZE  comes through with another praiseworthy track christened “POWERFUL JESUS “.
The prolific Nigerian gospel minister, singer and songwriter Joe praise returns to our doorstep with another masterpiece song glorifying the existence of  JESUS.
Celebrating his birth on 20th June 2019, renowned gospel music star “Joepraize” releases this brand new song  “Powerful Jesus” which is accompanied with an awesome visuals.
Watch Video & Download Audio below:
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June 23, 2019

[Music + Lyrics] Solomon Lange –Dogara

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, SOLOMON  LANGE  has released the long awaited single ‘DOGARA’.
Dogara is an Hausa word, a language spoken in Northern part of Nigeria, translated in English as (Trust).
Solomon  Lange is a Nigerian based gospel artiste, songwriter, passionate and anointed minister of the gospel. He started singing at age 9 in his local village Baptist Church choir but came into music professionally in 1997 when he joined a group called Kale Visions in Kaduna.
Solomon Lange is a Native of Kaduna, located in the north-western Nigeria.
Lyrics: Dogara By Solomon Lange
Dogara ga suna Yesu
(Trusting in the name of Jesus)
Takan sa a sami rai
(Brings life)
Gama ba ceto ga wani
(For there is no salvation in anyone)
Ba kuwa hanya Sai dai shi
(And there’s no other way except him)
Jinin Yesu ya fanshe ni
(The blood of Jesus has saved me)
Yana wanke zunubi
(It washes away sin)
Na jingina wurin Yesu
(I trust in Jesus)
Ya karbe ni bawansa
(He accepts me as his own)
Chorus 2x
Yesu Yesu inasonka
(Jesus Jesus I love you)
Kai kadai mai ceto ne
(You are the only Saviour)
Yesu Yesu ni zan bi ka
(Jesus Jesus I’ll follow you)
Daga nan har abada
(Today and for ever)
Eh eh eh OH
Dogara ga suna yesu
Takan sa a sami rai
Gama ba ceto ga wani
Ba kuwa hanya Sai dai shi
Jjinin yesu ya fanshe ni
Yana wanke zunubi
Na jingina wurin yesu
Ya karbe ni bawansa
Chorus 2x
Halleluyah Ya Yesu
(Halelluyah oh Jesus)
Halleluyah Ya Yesu
(Halelluyah oh Jesus)
Ba wanda zaya raba ni da kai
(No one will separate me from you)
Chorus 2x
Audio Player
June 23, 2019

Alves announces PSG departure

Dani Alves has announced his departure from Paris Saint-Germain after two seasons with the French champions.
The 36-year-old full-back revealed his future plans hours after captaining and scoring in Brazil’s 5-0 victory over Peru at the Copa America.
Alves, who previously played for Sevilla, Barcelona and Juventus before moving to France, becomes a free agent and has been linked with a possible switch to the Premier League.
“Today I close another cycle in my life, a cycle of victory, learning and experiences,” Alves wrote on Instagram.
“I would like to thank the PSG family for the opportunity to together build a page in the history of this club.
“I would like to thank all the staff for their affection, respect and complicity from day one. You make this club a little more special.
“It was two years of resilience and continuous reinventing to fulfil my mission, but in life everything has a beginning, a middle and an end and now the time has come to put that final point here.”
Alves, who has been capped 107 times by Brazil, joined PSG in 2017 and won two Ligue 1 titles and one French Cup during his time at the club.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

June 22, 2019

US President Donald Trump’s Beast Vs Russsians Vladimir Putin’s Bunker On Wheels (Photo Comparison)

Last years arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his Aurus Limo at a meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki Finland prompted comparisons in World-wide media outlets of Putin’s “Bunker On Wheels” with Trump’s Mobile Fortress a.k.a ” the Beast”.
Trump Beasts, first unveiled 9 months ago during the U.N General Assembly in New York City, joins the old 2009 Cadillac DTS bodied Limo used during the Obama years. The US Secret Service still uses both the 2009 and the 2018 Limo.
Putin’s Bunker on Wheels, officially unveiled during his inauguration in May last year, can be described as a Rolls-Royce Phantom on a tank frame . 
Let’s take a look at the two most famous Presidential Limos on the planet. 
The General Motors-licensed limousine,which is basically a Cadillac on a tank frame, was built from scratch with help from the Secret Service.
Aurus Senat 
The Aurus L700 Limo-based tank is designed by the Russian Central Research and Development Automobile Institute, with assistance from Porsche and Bosch
Donald Trump’s 12 new Cadillac-branded vehicle costs the US government about $15.8m (N5.7bn) – each of the two Beasts that travels with Trump coast about $1.3 million.
Aurus Senat
The Presidential Aurus fleet program, which includes Limos, Sedans and SUVs) reportedly costs around $192m (N69bn) – Price of each Limo is unknown . Want to drive like Putin? The civilian version will cost you $160,000 while the armoured version will cost you more.
Trump’s bullet- and blast-resistant Limo is also designed to withstand chemical and biological attacks. It’s eight-inch thick steel doors is believed to weigh the same as those on a Boeing 757.
The Beast is equipped with Kevlar-lined tyres and a foam-sealed fuel tank to prevent explosions .
Inside, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art communication system along with the protection of a secure oxygen system and a supply of blood in case of injury.
Aurus Senat
Like The Beast Limo, the presidential Senat is also bullet and explosion proof. It will withstand chemical and biological attacks in addition to keeping the President and its occupants safe when submerged in water.
Inside, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art communication system along with features like WI-FI, screens, zonal climate system and 8 interior lighting modes.
The armored Beasts weighs about 15,000 to 20,000 pounds – which is about the weight of six 2014 Toyota Camry sedan.
Aurus Senat
The armored Senat weighs approximately 14,000 pounds.
There have been both V8 Petrol and Duramax diesel-powered versions of the Beast Limos. The one Trump used during his UK visits was petrol-powered.
Aurus Senat 
The Aurus is reportedly equipped with a 6.6-liter V12 engine and capable of hitting 860 horsepower.
An even more powerful 857 horsepower 6.6-liter hybrid V-12 drive unit is on the way.
US Donald Trump’s Beasts Vs Russia Vladimir Putin’s Bunker On Wheels, Which Of The Two Presidential Limos Would You Rather Ride In?

June 22, 2019

OIC summit : No Applause For Buhari

Actually, I did not plan to focus on Buhari this week but on the rising suicide rate in the country. I had wanted to approach the topic philosophically; why anybody would want to end it all; to go against the very first, and by far the greatest, law of nature which is personal preservation of a being plus the preservation of the species.

Then in came a reaction to my offering of last Saturday; “Blind APC LEADING Blind Nigeria.” It came from a friend of long standing who is one of the spokesmen to the President.  Last Saturday, I wrote that the spokesman in question had excused the President’s bolting  from the country immediately after his inauguration for a second term to attend an Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Saudi Arabia on the premise that Buhari joined several other leaders there to condemn Islamic terrorism which is devastating Africa.
I posited this was hardly an achievement worthy of pride by any president of a country as  ravaged as Nigeria. I maintained and still maintain that Buhari should have stayed home to hit the ground running. He didn’t do that because  he did not even understand the urgency required of him to fight the myriad problems facing the country. The spokesman sent me a text message: “Global terrorism has a tinge of Islam. Sad but true. To say that countries with large Moslem populations have met and denounced terrorism is cluelessness is to display a lack of understanding of the global problem. It is important that these countries are publicly denouncing terrorism. But you are entitled to your own opinion. 

Have a good day.” Now, a word for the spokesman; it may have been some modicum of achievement if the spokesman had in any way in his earlier statement on the President’s trip to the OIC summit suggested that Buhari had in any way had worked towards swaying the OIC leaders to agree to condemn the Islamic religious terrorism ravaging Nigeria and a large swart of West-Africa. Did Buhari visit them before that meeting to sway them in any way? Or did he hold round the clock meetings with the leaders there and got them to change their earlier positions and turn around to support Nigeria’s? Did he? The late Gen. Murtala Muhammed in 1976, did just that when he attended the OAU meeting in idi Amin-led Uganda and tackled American hegemony in Africa by going against the position held by the US that African countries should not discuss the Angolan problem  because it was Angola’s internal affair. Murtala argued that Africa should not shun taking a position on the Angolan fight for independence, especially as both the US and the apartheid South-Africa had not only taken positions but were openly supporting some factions opposing the Angolan independence push.

Then Murtala showed Nigeria had assumed a leadership position in Africa when he announced Nigeria’s unilateral recognition of the Augustino Neto’s freedom-fighting squad as the true representative of the Angolan people and donated $10m to their cause. Africa queued up behind Nigeria; and a new era had been born for Nigeria. The whole world noticed that Nigeria had become Africa’s sole medium power and the continental undisputed leader. That was an achievement; a most stout, lusty and solid one and it resounded across the entire globe. Nigerians everywhere knew that their country had begun to matter and was no longer a big for nothing country, and they began to walk with a spring in their steps. Buhari was a leading member of that glorious administration…so even he is my witness that what happened at the last OIC summit cannot be compared with what Murtala achieved in 1976. Or did any country oppose the condemnation of global terrorism or the particular one related to Islamic extremists? Even Buhari himself who had entertained Nigerians while campaigning for a second term by calling sundry persons candidates of elections they were not contesting at all, and who was said to have even missed the date he came into power as a civilian president, can still recall the war in Syria and Iraq where the Islamic State had been declared and the world coalition that fought against it and defeated it. My friend, the presidential spokesman should please ask Buhari whether he was able to build a new coalition against the Islamic terrorism in Nigeria. He should please ask Buhari if he was able to get the OIC to commit troops to fight against the insurgents who kill while desecrating God’s name. He should ask Buhari how much OIC decided to commit to the fight against Boko Haram and other fighters who have, in God’s name decided to deny West-Africans the peace they need to fulfill their destinies. Then he should ask Buhari the role he played in getting the other summiteers  to agree to toe Nigeria’s line.

Police Parade Three Teachers Arrested Over Leaked WAEC Question Papers

My friend the presidential spokesman should also not forget to publish the soul-stirring speech that Buhari delivered at that summit that became a game-changer and became consequential—just like the “Africa Has Come of Age” speech which the illustrious Murtala Mohammed delivered in Kampala in 1976.  But if Buhari didn’t do any of such, then he should know that Buhari earned no praise at all for participating in that summit but actually earned a large amount of abhorrence, loathing and outright condemnation for winging away from Nigeria immediately after his inauguration when he was expected to be in a hurry to show that he would do things in a bond and fresh new way to take Nigeria  to “The Next Level.” Some facts have to be told; Buhari has been a military General, which means he must have attended an untold number of trainings that is supposed to have made him a master strategist. He has been a military Governor in the very terrain which Boko Haram has turned into a killing field- the entire North-East geopolitical zone. His home state is Katsina, which is now being affected by a new brand of terrorism, tagged Banditry for want of a better name. And that terrorism by bandits is fast blanketing the entire North-West; Buhari’s home geopolitical zone which he is supposed to know like the back of his hand. Then Buhari has been a military Head of State decades ago. So, he must have an understanding of Nigeria that must have sunk in in 1984 and 1985. As the years went by, he must have increased his knowledge of Nigeria. And please may we never forget that Buhari once headed a national interventionist/development agency; the Petroleum Trust Development Fund. So, it is bad enough that the man is proving to be less than ordinary in the job of governing Nigeria. But it is even worse that some spokesman would expect somebody like me to shun the facts and the tragedies and begin to praise a non-performing President.

 Development of any institution—be it a country, state, LGA, Ministry or business corporation has some well-established indices. So far, I have not seen such indices—in electricity generation and supply, in security of life and property, in unemployment and inflation percentages, in the number of children in school, in the quality of education, in the reduction of the number of almajiri children in Buhari’s own state of Katsina or his Northern part of the country, in the number of productive petroleum refineries, in the reduction of corruption, in road construction etc. It is unfortunate that this presidential spokesman reminded me of how some journalists praised Obasanjo between 1999 to 2007, when no golden epoch was opening up in Nigeria and I said so against the din Obasanjo’s praise singers raised. I was so exasperated then that I wrote one article I titled: “When Did Obasanjo Walk on Water?” I think I shall redo that piece soon; but on Buhari.
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June 22, 2019

[Download Music] Lopo Ft. Fuzee – Beledasoro

Coming up tomorrow , your favorite
Indigenous Rap Guru, LOPO aka ONYENEKWU in Collaboration with FUZEEJASMINE bring to you this Smash hit titled “BELEDASORO”. After his well-received collaboration with TERRY APALA, for the song SABO, and AKPURUKA. he decided to drop this jam for his teeming fans as his special birthday gift.
BELEDASORO is a motivational song and it means that he ( Lopo) have Talk to his creator about us…so everything is gonna be fine…. You all know what he does to every beat with his indigenous flows nd Fuzee with his melodious voice so expect something extra ordinary.

Listen and Download below…
Audio Player

What do you think about this song?
Drop ur comments below…

Friday, 21 June 2019

June 21, 2019


Amos Adamu, a former Director-General of the defunct National Sports Commission (NSC) has urged the Super Eagles to have a `winner’s mentality’ and go for the Gold at the 2019 Egypt Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

He gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos ahead of the Nations Cup in Egypt which kicks off June 21.

“I strongly believe that they will have a good outing as long as they play as a team and follow instructions of their coach. “Discipline is very essential. They need to imbibe the mentality of a winner and I so much believe that something good will come out of this tournament. “They just have to believe in themselves and take every opponent seriously in order to achieve great result,’’ Adamu said. According to him, times have changed, there are no pushovers in football. “We need to watch out so we don’t underestimate the abilities of any opponent.

“For them to be in the tournament as Eagles are; shows that they have something to offer in the AFON,’’ he said. NAN reports that the Super Eagles will be playing against Burundi, Guinea and Madagascar in Group D. (NAN)